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Pay Your Enbridge bill using Paytm

We Accept Bank, Debit Card or Credit Card Payments

It only takes a few taps
Download Paytm
Download the Paytm Canada app on your smartphone and sign up. It’s free!
Find your biller
We have over 5000+ billers you can pay. Find your biller by browsing our biller categories or search the name.
Enter your account number
You can either link your account in Paytm or Enter the unique number you use to pay your biller. Make sure you entered the right one!
Create your profile
Complete your profile and add your bank account, debit card and/or credit card information.
Enter Promo code and Review payment
Enter any promo code that you might have and review your biller details before proceeding to you.
Your bill is Paid
That's it! We'll send the money to your biller. Depending on the biller, it'll reflect in your account in 2-3 business days.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Paytm currently accepts Mastercard and American Express cards, apart from bank payments.

We’ve customized our Paytm Rewards program with you in mind. Most Canadian banks do not provide you with an instant reward when you pay your bills. Even though you may think it’s easier to set-up a direct bill payment, you’re losing out. With the Paytm Canada app, you can get up to 15% cashback on purchases from brand-name retailers such as Tim Hortons, Amazon.ca, Best Buy, Esso, Indigo, Foodora, Just Eat and others. Every bill payment that you make with our app gets you one step closer to getting those much-deserved rewards.

To make it easy, the Paytm Concierge service is available for you to use. Paytm Concierge will set-up each biller in your account for you. Email a picture or a copy of your bill to: care@paytm.ca, and you won’t have to enter the account numbers.

We understand the importance of keeping your data safe and secure, and we’ll always do what is necessary to keep it that way. Rest assured that all of your transactions are safe. We use the same encryption technology that most Canadian banks use.

We like you already.

Besides paying your bills, you can use Paytm for two more things:

  1. Use gift cards and save money: Just because they’re called gift cards doesn’t mean that you can’t use them for personal use. For example, you could massive get cashback on your purchases at Tim Hortons, Amazon.ca, Indigo, Foodora, Just Eats and other such brands. So before you buy anything at these stores, just buy the “gift card” on Paytm for personal use and start saving.
  2. To instantly send and receive money to friends and family across Canada: Whether you’re sending $1.00 or receiving $500 it doesn’t matter because we won’t charge you a transaction fee or a convenience fee. No need to enter a security question or worse try to remember yet another password. Next time when you’re hanging out with your friends and realize that you’re cashless, just open the app and send money while you’re on-the-go. Keep the night going and grab that late-night poutine because you can conveniently pay anyone back on-the-spot. If the phone number or email address doesn’t show up as a “Recipient”, send them your referral code. They will be able to set-up a Paytm account and receive the money instantly.

To become a Paytm VIP, pay at least $500 worth of bills every 2 months using your bank account or Paytm cash. As a Paytm VIP, you will have access to amazing cashback offers of up to 15% on popular brands.