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At Paytm, we believe that a solid relationship is built on honesty and trust, and we pride ourselves on being transparent with our customers. As we’ve previously mentioned, we do not make money when you make a bill payment using our app or when we first introduced convenience fees in November 2019.

We’ve always done our best to provide you with flexible payment options. When you make a bill payment using either your bank account, Paytm cash, you will NOT get charged with a convenience fee. There are also no convenience fees associated with purchasing an e-gift card using a Visa or Mastercard credit card, or debit card.

However, starting April 1st, 2020, the convenience fee for bill payments made with a Mastercard and/or Visa credit card will increase to the following:

The convenience fees for payments made with debit cards or AMEX cards will remain the same.

As we’ve mentioned, we DO NOT make money from your bill payments and we will not make any money from this increase in convenience fees, which is coming directly from the payment processors. To continue giving our customers the option to use credit cards to make a bill payment, we made the very difficult decision to accept the new fees, rather than be forced to remove the option for credit card payments from our app altogether. Now, more than ever, we wanted to ensure our customers have as many options as possible to pay their bills.

While you can still pay your bills with a credit card, we recognize that when you’re paying larger bills like Tuition, convenience fees can add up. If you want to avoid any convenience fees on your bill payments, we recommend using Paytm Cash and/or a linked bank account to make the bill payment. Using Paytm Cash is a great way to avoid convenience fees, get your bills paid quicker AND earn points. Plus, when you pay your bills using Paytm Cash, it will get processed two days quicker than other payment methods. Find out more about Paytm Cash here. 

Earn even more points

No matter how you pay your bills, you will still collect 1 Paytm Point for every $1 spent within the Paytm Canada app. As a reminder, there are limits on the total number of Paytm Points that you can earn depending on what the transaction is for:

  • Utility Bills = 500 points per month
  • Tax Payment = 1,000 points per month
  • Credit Card Payments = 2,000 points per month
  • Tuition = 500 points per month
  • Other Bill Payments = 500 points per month

*Please note: the monthly limits reset on the 1st of every month

We truly appreciate your loyalty, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the most rewarding bill payment experience in Canada. We pride ourselves on being the only app that rewards you for paying your bills, as well as providing you multiple payment options for your bill payments.

As the Paytm Canada app grows, so does our business model. In order to continue bringing you the rewards you love, multiple payment options for bills (like using a credit card to pay your Tuition!) and a great app experience, changes will happen here and there. However, one thing that will never change is our dedication to providing our customers the best bill payment experience possible. Thank you for your understanding and loyalty.

For more information on the existing fees, please visit our Fees & Payment Limit FAQ page.

If you have any questions about the new changes at Paytm Canada, we encourage you  to reach out to our Customer Care team at: care@paytm.ca