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Triple Dip

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The best benefit of using the Paytm Canada app is that you get to collect points for free stuff from your favourite brands, all while having the same level of security that you would from your own bank.

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What most people don’t know about us is that you can actually triple dip on points, and get even more free stuff by making 1 single payment. Here are 3 ways to triple dip:

Dip #1 – Pay Your Bills

When you pay a bill through the Paytm Canada app, you collect 1 point for every dollar you spend (in this case, make a transaction). Which is great because you are getting rewarded to pay the monthly bills that you have to pay anyway (like your your cell phone, hydro, and internet bills). And, while those aren’t huge bills, the points really do add up! What about when you pay a large bill, like your property taxes? If you pay it through the App, you’ll obviously get Paytm Points, and a lot of them at that!

Dip #2 – Collect Points

When you make a transaction on the App with your Mastercard, Visa or American Express credit card, you’ll collect your credit card points. 

Here’s our Hack: If you pay your bills through the app with your credit card, you’ll get to earn your credit card points on top of Paytm Points. Our points won’t conflict with your credit card points which makes it an obvious win-win!

And, the best part is that you’ll pay $0 fees when you pay with your linked bank account and/or Paytm Cash. It’s important to note that when using credit cards and debit cards for bill payments, there are convenience fees associated. Find out more about that here.

Dip #3 – Repeat 1 & 2

Okay so you’ve earned Paytm Points for paying your bills and credit card points for paying your bills using the App, but now you have to pay your credit card bill. Well….

Paytm LIFE HACK! Why not pay your credit card bill through the App and collect another round of Paytm Points?!? That’s what we call a triple dip!

The only negative to this triple dipping points party is… wait, there is no negative!

Pay your bills through the App use your credit card, and then pay off your credit card bill through the App and you’ll make it rain points! So what are you waiting for?

Plus, when you refer a friend using your unique code through the app and when they pay their first bill of at least $50 you’ll both collect 5,000 Referral Paytm Points.

Questions? Our Customer Care team will be able to help! Just email at them at: care@paytm.ca.

Comments (21)

Please add more bills payable by credit card or is it out of your control?

Hey Simon! It all depends on our payments processing partner. To request specific billers, please let us know by emailing us at care@paytm.ca

I never received my 10,000 free points. How do I get that?
Thank you!

Hey Sinead! Please ensure your phone number and email address are verified, and that you pay a bill of at least $25 – you’ll get the 10,000 points automatically after! Let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at care@paytm.ca 🙂

Hi there,
I paid my electricity bill by Paytm but that amount still showing on my Oshawa puc account.

Hey Pranav, make sure you double check your fulfillment date – this is provided to you in the app and on the confirmation email. It’s the day the electricity biller will receive your payment. If you have more questions, please contact us at care@paytm.ca.


Your note says Zero fees, but I am being charged a 2 dollar ‘convenience fee’ to pay my gas bill. This is fraudulent advertising.

Hey Chris, we specify that this applies “when you pay with your Mastercard, Paytm Cash, debit card or linked bank account”. Unfortunately, the $0 Fees applies to all payments except American Express, where a 3% convenience fee is charged. This is shown in the app on the “Review Order” screen, so no one is ever surprised with the fee.

Please reach out to us at care@paytm.ca if you have any other questions or concerns and we’ll be happy to help.

Bonjour est ce si je link ma carte crédit et je fais des achats dans des boutiques, je gagne des points avec paytm?

Non cést pas comment ça marche tu dois payées tes factures avec cette application et puis tu va gagner d’argent. j’espère que j’ai t’aider.

Bonjour Fatima,

Malheureusement, pour le moment, les points sont seulement accessibles pour les paiements effectuer avec l’application. Si vous avez d’autres questions, n’hésitez pas à nous rejoindre à care@paytm.ca !

The above long history says how to earn points !! What is the use of those collected points ?

Is it useful to pay bills on paytm ?
How much dollar value of 1 point?

Hey Ronak, thanks for your interest in Paytm and your questions above.

– We definitely find it useful. It’s a consolidated way to pay all types of bills on one platform. You can pay through multiple different payment methods, depending on the bill you’re paying.
– You earn 1 Paytm Point per $1 spent and currently, 1 Paytm point is redeemable for around $0.10.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at care@paytm.ca for more!

Hey Zein,

I have 15,000 paytm point and as per the above rate(0.10 CAD) it should be around 1500 CAD. But I am not able to redeem more than 15 CAD.
Can you please let me know what’s the issue?

Hey Varun! Please email us at care@Paytm.ca and we’ll look into what’s going on here.

I think you are wrong with that rate. I’d rather think that the ratio is 0.001 CAD for every PayTM point.

Actually, in the reward section, there are offers for Tim Hortons gift cards of 10$ CAD value in exchange of 10 000 paytm points.

Correct me if I am wrong.

Hi there, it is 1 point per dollar 🙂 The rewards are not based on how the points are collected. If you have further questions or concerns, please email us at care@paytm.ca

I bought an amazon card for $100 but I didn’t get the promo code. I payed good money for this.

Hey Jack, the Amazon Gift Card should be available in the top left-hand corner of your Paytm app, in the “Paytm Pocket” section. If you still don’t see it, please reach out to us and we’ll be happy to help.

I have a cash back credit card and they categorize transactions. What is a PayTM transaction categorized as?


Hi Henry, it may be categorised as a “miscellaneous” or “other” transaction. However, to be sure- please contact your bank 🙂

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