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The best benefit of using the Paytm Canada app is that you aren’t charged fees when you use different types of payment methods to pay your bills! Plus, you get to collect points for free stuff from your favourite brands, all while having the same level of security that you would from your own bank.

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What most people don’t know about us is that you can actually triple dip on points, and get even more free stuff by making 1 single payment. Here are 3 ways to triple dip:

Dip #1 – Pay Your Bills

When you pay a bill through the Paytm Canada app, you collect 1 point for every dollar you spend (in this case, make a transaction). Which is great because you are getting rewarded to pay the monthly bills that you have to pay anyway (like your your cell phone, hydro, and internet bills). And, while those aren’t huge bills, the points really do add up! What about when you pay a large bill, like your property taxes? If you pay it through the App, you’ll obviously get Paytm points, and a lot of them at that!

Dip #2 – Collect Points

When you make a transaction on the App with your Mastercard or American Express credit card, you’ll collect your credit card points. 

Here’s our Hack: If you pay your bills through the app with your credit card, you’ll get to earn your credit card points on top of Paytm points. Our points won’t conflict with your credit card points which makes it an obvious win-win!

And, the best part is that you’ll pay $0 Fees when you pay with your Mastercard, Paytm Cash, debit card or linked bank account.

Dip #3 – Repeat 1 & 2

Okay so you’ve earned Paytm points for paying your bills and credit card points for paying your bills using the App, but now you have to pay your credit card bill. Well….

Paytm LIFE HACK! Why not pay your credit card bill through the App and collect another round of Paytm points?!? That’s what we call a triple dip!

The only negative to this triple dipping points party is… wait, there is no negative!

Pay your bills through the App use your credit card, and then pay off your credit card bill through the App and you’ll make it rain points! So what are you waiting for?

Plus, when you refer a friend using your unique code through the app and when they pay their first bill of at least $50 you’ll both collect 5,000 referral points.

Questions? Our Customer Care team will be able to help! You can chat with us Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (EST) at 1-888-878-7761; or by email at:

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