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SmartDeposit on Paytm

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Enjoy the convenience of your bills and money in one place. 

With Paytm SmartDeposit, you can securely deposit money from your linked bank account into your Paytm account. You have the flexibility to select the amount that you prefer to schedule every two weeks directly into your Paytm Cash.

The best part about SmartDesposit is that your money is always available to you. And, you have the control to pay your bills whenever you want to. Generally, our customers can wait up to 5-business days to have their bill payments fulfilled when select payment methods are used. However, when you make a bill payment with Paytm Cash, your bill payment will take as little as 1-business day for fulfillment.

With our bank level encryption, you can feel at ease that this is the most secure way to digitally deposit your money. Schedule your SmartDeposit, and give yourself the peace of mind that you deserve.

We have introduced our SmartDeposit feature to a select number of customers. If you don’t see it appear on your homepage in the app, and are interested please reach out to our Customer Care team:

  • Email them (24/7) at care@paytm.ca
  • Chat with them (Mon-Fri from 9-5pm EST) on our website or directly from the App
  • DM them on Facebook or Twitter (Mon-Fri from 9-5pm EST)
  • Stay tuned, phone support is coming *very* soon!

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Comments (7)

It’s a good feature however you won’t earn “double points” (credit card + paytm) because smart deposit amount is coming from the chequing account.
If you plan ahead for your bills (even though it takes 5 business days for fulfillment), you will be able to earn “double points” at least.

You can use this feature (which I do) to pay credit card.

What feature is that?

Let me know when I can fund my PayTM account with my credit card.

Hi Aaron,

You aren’t able to reload your Paytm Cash with your credit card. However, you are able to do so by walking into any Canada Post location nationwide, if you are a BMO customer you can add Paytm as a payee through online banking, or if someone sends you money from their Paytm account.

Is this like Pre-authorized payment from my checking account??

Yes! This is an option we have within our app if you wish to automatically topup your Paytm Cash 🙂
If you have any further questions you can visit our Help Centre or email us at care@paytm.ca

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