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It’s officially time to head back to school, and Paytm’s got you covered! Earn major points on your big back to school expenses and then redeem those points for amazing rewards that will keep your costs down all year long.

Load Up On Back To School Points By Paying Your Bills With Paytm

Tuition is a great way to earn a ton of points fast. If you didn’t know, you can now pay your tuition with a credit card and debit card directly through the Paytm Canada app and earn up to 500 Paytm Points a month! You can also pay your rent through our app, and with a credit card. Both of these expenses are big ticket items that will help you load up on Paytm Points and save this back to school season with all the rewards you’ll be redeeming in no time. Click here to get a full breakdown of our payment methods and where there may be convenience fees associated to certain bills categories.

But why stop there? You can also use your Paytm app to pay your cable bill (great for taking a study break), internet bill (you’ll be doing a lot of research), utilities (you’ll definitely need lights for late night studying), mobile phone (to stalk your new classmates, duh), and your credit card bills (you’ll need a bunch of new text books, back to school clothes and probably a new computer). By paying all these monthly expenses directly through our app, you’ll be loading up on Paytm Points throughout the whole school year.

If you didn’t already know, our app rewards you for paying your bills. Seriously. So the more bills you have, the more rewards you’ll get. For every $1 you spend in our app (either paying a bill or purchasing an e-gift card) we’ll reward you with 1 Paytm Point. 

Sound too good to be true? It is!

Keep Your Costs Low By Redeeming Points

We know that students don’t have a ton of extra spending money, and let’s get real, most times you feel broke. After spending on tuition and textbooks there usually isn’t a lot left over for “fun” – and ramen noodles for dinner everyday can start to get boring. But we’re here to help! Now that you’ve accumulated a ton of Back To School Points it’s time to redeem them on e-gift cards that will keep your monthly expenses low so that you can afford the luxuries you’re used to; like ordering take-out or riding in an Uber instead of walking.

Here are some of our suggestions for what to redeem your points on:

  • Coffee to keep you fueled during class. Redeem your points for either Tim Hortons, Second Cup or Starbucks e-gift cards.
  • Rides to and from dinner, your friends house, class or the bar. Redeem your points with Uber.
  • Need to buy a new computer or mobile phone? Redeem your points with Best Buy.
  • Late night snacks for when the caf is closed. Redeem your points for Pizza PIzza, Foodora, Uber Eats or Instacart.
  • Want to go out to eat or celebrate a friend’s birthday, but you already blew your budget this month? Redeem your points for Boston Pizza, Jack Astors, Ultimate Dining, The Keg, or Scaddabush.
  • Need a good night sleep for that tough class? Check out Endy and redeem your points for a new mattress.
  • Heading home for the weekend and need to fill up on gas? Redeem your points for an Esso e-gift card.
  • Need to chill? Redeem your points for Netflix or Cineplex.
  • Need a spatula, a new bedside table or some dorm accessories? Redeem your points for IKEA Canada or Homesense.
  • Need ANYTHING else? You can probably find it on Amazon. Redeem your points for an Amazon.ca e-gift card and have that item shipped right to your door.

Head over to the Paytm Canada app and click “Rewards” to see the full list of all the brands you can redeem rewards from.

Back to school doesn’t have to mean being broke. At Paytm we’re helping you keep the luxuries you’re used to without breaking the bank. 

So what are you waiting for? Download the Paytm App from the Apple or Google Play store today and start earning points on your Back To School bills. Plus if you refer a friend with your unique code in your app we’ll give you 5,000 bonus points when your friend signs up and pays their first bill of $50 or more. That’a a $5 e-gift card waiting for you! 

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