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Almost every store you shop at seems to have their own type of loyalty rewards. Personally, I love it because it’s their way of showing me how much they value me as a customer. The fact that I can purchase something, collect points and then redeem them for an item that I’d want later on is a win-win. Here at Paytm, we’ve been getting our creative juices flowing as to how we can reward our customers for their loyalty. We thought that there’s really no better way than to introduce a Paytm Points program.

This isn’t just about collecting and redeeming your points. We want our customers to think of our points as though they are collecting experiences, and to be able to redeem their points for an experience that they can now get from Paytm for less than somewhere else.

There’s no need to apply to the Paytm Points Program or fuss with any new registration. When we officially launch our points program, every Paytm customer will be automatically transitioned into the Paytm Points Rewards program. Your Paytm Points will be retrospectively accumulated for you so whether you’ve been a customer for twelve months, one month or somewhere inbetween. 

I should also mention that Paytm Points will not interfere with the points you can potentially earn by using your credit card through the Paytm app. This is just another reward on top of the existing benefits already available for you.

By now, you’re probably wondering what do you have to do to get some points? Every time you buy a gift card, or send money to a friend you will receive 100 Paytm Points. If you want to bump up your Paytm Points to 500, then in one month make a minimum bill payment of $25. For each separate account that you pay, you will receive 500 Paytm Points. For verifying your Paytm account you will automatically receive 1,000 Paytm Points.

To provide you with some insight as to the types of deals that you’ll be able to redeem your Paytm Points for, here are a few examples:

  • $50 Cara Foods gift card for $45 when you redeem 250 Paytm Points
  • $100 Amazon gift card for $90 when you redeem 500 Paytm Points
  • Fitbit (retails for $149.99) when you redeem 20,000 Paytm Points
  • Airpods when you redeem 2,000 Paytm Points you’ll get $20 off
  • Redeem 100,000 Paytm Points for a Ski and Scandinavian Spa Package

In my Redefining Simple blog post, I mentioned that we are revamping our Paytm Rewards. Not only will we be introducing a points program, but we will also provide more deals to our customers and not just towards the purchase of gift cards. We will no longer have the Paytm VIP program. Our points program won’t be limited to just bill payments, there will be other areas that you’ll be able to collect and redeem your points.

We consider our loyal supporters an important part of our journey, so if there’s something that you’d like to redeem your Paytm Points for Tweet us or post a comment on our Facebook / Instagram pages and let us know.

Comments (41)

when does this point system launch?

we’re anticipating to launch it in March, around our 1-year anniversary

really hope these points can be transfered to airline program or hotel’s.

We’re working on it but hope that our redemption offers will be amazing enough for you.

Is there also a one to one point system for the dollar amount of cash spent or is it purely based on what is outlined above?

Our points system is designed on the what you do rather than how much you spend. But having said that we may have special offers to earn points that may be based on the dollar amount spent.

really bad idea, nobody is interested in redeeming points for merchandise or gift cards.

So….it will take 2 years to get a Fitbit as theres no way to earn more than 1000 points a month?

~9 years to get the Scandinavian Spa?

We’ll have several special offer that’ll help you earn points faster. More information coming soon.

Will there still be straight cash back? If so, what %? Or is this being replaced by points program. Message isn’t that clear.

Hey Bob,
Stay tuned. We’ll have some more information on points redemption soon.

Will the point system apply to credit card accounts?

Yes, the points will apply to all the payments made irrespective of the payment method 🙂

Hi Ben,
Yes, you will receive Paytm Points for any payment method that you use on our app 🙂

What do you mean by you will no longer have PAYTM VIP program. I’m now VIP customer. Does it mean we won’t earn 2% of the bills we pay for over $500 anymore? You also say this is another rewards on top of the existing benefits available to us now. I’m very confused.

The VIP program will be retired and the rewards will be based on the number of points that you have. If you’ve been a VIP, don’t worry you’ll get points for all the transactions that you’ve made in the past.

What would be maximum points customer can earn every month? 1000 or more ? Like if customer pays 10 different bills of $25 would he/she get 2000 or 1000?


Currently, we don’t have any such points restrictions on bill payment but are working on certain details for gift card purchases. Stay tuned for more information.

why not get points according the amount paid? so I can paid big bill, not just for $25


We did think about that but decided against it as we wanted to keep it a level playing field.

Because you guys want keep value that could be used 4ever. Every one knows it.

In your amazon example:

$100 Amazon gift card for $90 when you redeem 500 Paytm Points

It implies 500 points = $10 amazon gift card credit, so

Would you be able to redeem 1,000 Paytm points and get the $100 card for $80?

Or if you had 5,000 Paytm points would the $100 gift card be free?

I’m trying to get a sense if there will be any gift cards that could be redeemed with points only and not having to spend any actual cash.


Good Question! There could be certain rewards that you could buy for free with your points. You could exchange points to get access to get a better price too. We’re excited about the ability for us to offer you several options based on the number of points that you have.

So, lets say if I pay three bills in February $25 each I won’t get 500 points, right? It’s only starts in March?


You most definitely will get the points for the transactions in Feb. In fact, not just the ones in Feb but since the time you joined Paytm. 🙂

I did paid some bills in February and where do I see my points? or when do I get my points?

That’s great, Lien. You’re getting point for the bill that you pay.

As for where can see the points? Our engineers are building brand new screen that’ll show the points and will be available to you on March 17.

Keep paying!

Hi Aditya,
On February 22 you replied to my question that I will get 500 points if I pay 3 bills, so I actually paid five bills, more than $25 each and I should’ve receive 1000 points, but my current balance now is 338 points. Where the other promised points are?
Could you look at this please?

So if pay a bill of 200 $ ill only get 100 points i try to understand
And for what reasons you stops the cash back program which is really interesting for point program

That’s right, you’ll earn certain points for paying a bill. Also, we aren’t doing away with the cashback program on brands. Infact, you’ll get access to higher cashback based on the amount of points you have. We’ll soon be posting more information about it.


We have updated our Paytm Points program! Check out the blog for more details.

Complicated rewards system when simple cash back on amount transacted will do. I wish Paytm does what’s best for the user, much like Amazon, a gold standard in user experience, instead of inventing user non-friendly system claiming that it is to level the field. Taking Canadians for ride, is it?

After using wallets in China, I can only say that Paytm is ripping Canadians.

What’s best for Paytm will not necessarily be best for users but what’s best for users will always be best for Paytm.


We will continue to have cashback program. In fact, you’ll get points on every transaction which you get redeem for cashback on top brands. You’ll get more details soon.

I am not disputing whether cashback will exist; I cringe when Paytm says its cashback is very user friendly when it’s clearly not. I want to see cashback proportional to what I spend, not just dependent on whether I spend, which is what Paytm does. A convoluted and very user un-friendly system.

[…] will be able to purchase merchandise with your PaytmPoints. At this point though, there are only limited merchandise offers, and none are available to me in […]

The points should be given based on the amount paid! Otherwise there is no sense in using the system to pay!
Points should be redeemed by themselves for gift card, merchandise or travel or even for paying other bills. As simple as that!

Thanks for the wonderful information, very useful post.

It is already May, and I haven’t seen any Rewarding options that can either
(1) redeem the points to cash directly that can be used for payment directly, or
(2) redeem points to get a gift card for free, instead of the shitty “redeem xx point to get $1.5 off a $50 gift card”.

The points seem useless to me without the two options above.

The points system is so pointless. Like what is the benefit in using 250 to save $1.5 off a $50 gas card? I may as well just go to the gas station and buy the gas with my crdit card @ 3%. cashback….

Point should allow users to earn free gift cards.

I honestly don’t know how paytm thinks the current incentive is useful.

Hey Kun, we’ve since greatly improved our points structure, where you can get rewards entirely with your Paytm points! Would recommend checking those out – and if you have any questions, reach out at care@paytm.ca

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