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Revamped Signup

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We’ve revamped our sign up process! At Paytm Canada, we believe that you can make a first impression more than once. And, as a dynamic start-up, customer feedback is extremely important to us. So, if there’s something that could make our app more user-friendly we want to hear from you. Over the last few weeks we’ve received some great feedback that has helped us improve the app. 

So, here’s what’s new with us:

We Revamped Our Sign In Page

We updated our sign up and sign in process. The sign in page has been revamped to give our customers a quick snapshot of what we do: reward you with Paytm Points for paying your bills, and redeeming the points for the things you love! Plus, you can even pay your bills with Paytm Points, AND send money nationwide with no fees!

More Options To Sign Up

We’ve also updated the way customers can sign in to the Paytm Canada app, by introducing: Connect with your Google account or Connect with your email. 

We’ve received this request, from you, many times asking us for a quicker sign-up method, other than just a phone number. We’re happy to be able to offer more options that make our app easier to navigate.

Each day we’re working hard to improve our app and deliver on our promise of Canada’s most rewarding app. If you have any feedback or suggestions on how we can be the best app ever please email us at: care@paytm.ca

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