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Walk-in to any of the 6,000 Canada Post locations nationwide, and directly deposit cash into your Paytm account.

In just three quick taps, you can load your Paytm account at a Canada Post:

  1. Open the Paytm app
  2. Tap on “Add Money” on the home screen
  3. Under Other Options tap on “In-person at Canada Post” to see your personal QR Code

Show the Canada Post clerk the QR code and provide them with a minimum of $10 cash (or your debit card). The clerk will enter the amount and scan the QR code. And that’s it, you’ll instantly see the amount in your Paytm Cash.

With your Paytm Cash reloaded, and more than 5,000 billers at your fingertips you can pay your bills conveniently through your smartphone. You can even send money to your friends and family, anywhere in Canada. When you use Paytm Cash you get a seamless, instant and cost-free experience.


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Questions? Email us at: care@paytm.ca

Download the Paytm Canada app for free on either Google Play or the App Store.

Comments (14)

Please look at ticket 9420
Nobody is responding me. Money was taken from my account but no gift card was delivered


I’ve been told that your ticket has been resolved.

Can we get a list of the locations (post offices) available to walk-in and reload? I walked in two of them and sadly none of them was knowing about Paytm.

Hello Kunj,

That’s disappointing to know! All Canada Post locations should support adding money to Paytm. Next time, just ask them to scan the QR Code on your app and the screen on the attendant’s computer will automatically start the process. Let us know if you continue to have this problem.

Is there a daily limit for making a deposit via Canada post into my Paytm account? I see I can modify the 500$ shown as maximum, but I am not sure if it is possible.

You can deposit $500 at a time via Canada Post. However, you can add up to $5000 if you transfer money from your bank account.

Is $500 the maximum per transaction or daily limit? I’d like to deposit $3000 to my paytm account and I hope I don’t have to do this once a day for 6 days. Thanks.

Hi Jacky,

If you’re using your linked bank account you will be able to deposit the $3,000 into your Paytm Cash without any issues. However, if you’re using Canada Post then the daily transaction limit is $500.

I hope this was helpful! Feel free to email our Customer Care team at: care@paytm.ca if you have any further questions.

Is there any CRA implications on topping up cash through Canada Post locations. I mean, is it possible that Canada Post(or you) might be informing CRA if somebody is depositing large amount of cash in PayTM on regular basis?

I personally don’t think so.

Is there any way to load money in the Paytm account with my Debit Card without visiting the Canada Post?

I do not wish to link my bank account with my Paytm account and I do not want to transfer money via Intrac-e-transfer as well!


Hi Amit, at the moment these are the main ways you are able to top up your Paytm account using cash. Depending on your bank, you may be able to pay us as a biller on your banking app. Please email us at care@paytm.ca with more information and we’ll walk you through it.

I am new with the Paytm.
I want to know how long it takes to load my PayTM account from my Canadian bank account? and also how long it takes to pay my bills. Usually, from a bank account, it takes a maximum of 2 business days.

Hi there, you can add your bank account to the app whenever you want it is an immediate process. You will have to pay your bills 5 business days before your due date. If you have any other questions please check out our help centre or email us at care@paytm.ca

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