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Since our official app launch in March 2017, our customers have made over $80 million dollars worth of bill payments on Paytm. Naturally, we’ve got to know our customers pretty well; but how well do you know us? We thought we’d take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and to explain how we’re changing the bill payment process in Canada.

Who We Are

First things first: We are a Canadian tech company based in downtown Toronto. To be more specific, we are a payments and financial services tech company that rewards Canadians for paying their bills through our mobile platform. We are a subsidiary of India’s largest mobile payments provider, Paytm, which boasts more than 230 million users worldwide. However, Paytm Canada is Canadian born and bred.

Our office is located on Adelaide Street with an epic view of the CN Tower, and houses our 90 full time employees who all live, work and play in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). We’re proud to say that our staff rocks! We have a diverse team who are all committed to one thing – giving Canadians the best bill payment experience in Canada.  If you follow our social media accounts every Tuesday we introduce team members so that you can get to know each of us a little more.

What We Do

Our goal is to give Canadians the best bill payment experience. And, we do this by rewarding you simply for paying your bills.

Canadians from coast-to-coast are able to securely make payments to over 5,000 utility providers, government institutions, telecommunications services, and other payees easily and conveniently through the Paytm application. Upon downloading the free app from either the Apple Store or the Google Play Store, customers are able to add multiple payment methods to their Paytm account simply by linking their bank account, reloading their Paytm Cash, registering their Mastercard credit / debit card or their American Express credit card. We are always doing our best to add more options to our payment methods.

Once registered, we’ll send you a reminder when your bills are due so that you don’t miss a bill payment, and we’ll even notify you when a regular bill is inconsistent with your previous payments. The no-fee platform can also help you plan your monthly budget by predicting your upcoming expenses.

Not only does our consumer-based lifestyle application facilitate bill payments via the app, but it also rewards customers for paying their bills. Each dollar spent through the platform—either by paying bills or by purchasing digital rewards cards—earns Paytm Points that can be redeemed for digital rewards cards or Paytm Cash which can be applied towards paying future bills.

Furthermore, Canadians that are paying their bills with their credit card are able to collect incentives offered by their provider. All while accumulating Paytm Points on those same expenditures, effectively doubling their rewards. Sounds like a win-win to us.

Where We’re Going

The sky really is the limit for us! As a rule of thumb, we typically don’t go more than a week without questioning why we are do something in the app. In fact, it’s very common for our CEO, Harinder, to change our direction every 30 minutes. As of September 1st we’ve made some huge changes in how we are rewarding Canadians with Paytm Points.

Later this month, we are releasing a new feature called, “Set it & Forget it”. Our customers will have the convenience of selecting a predetermined frequency on specified dates to have their bill payments automatically paid with their preferred payment method. So whether you’re at home or traveling, you will get automatically get rewarded for those pesky bills.

We’re always reading through our social media to find out what our customers want – so please don’t hesitate to tell us. Let us know on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram or send us an email at Plus don’t forget to keep checking our blog, which is where we post up-to-date news and information regarding everything that’s happening at Paytm Canada.

At the end of the day, we’re here to help Canadians by rewarding them simply for paying their bills. You’re going to have to pay them, so why not get rewarded? We may sound too good to be true, and we promise, we are.

Questions? Our Customer Care team will be able to help! You can chat with us Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (EST) at 1-888-878-7761; or by email at:

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Hey i am in sydney nova scotiA
I am a paytm partner in india too
Now i want to be part of you company and want to expand paytm bussiness here
Do you have any vacancy for me?

Hey Sukhpreet! Are you interested in joining Paytm as a biller, or as a customer? Either way, please reach out to us at


What’s the magic of getting 5K providers onto the platform?

Hey Sam! Could you specify what you mean here?


Love so much paytm team:))

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