Everything that you wanted to ask about Paytm Points & our Policies

Last Updated: March 20, 2018

Paytm Points launched, and Wow, what a great feeling it is! It is exciting to see people discussing Points on various forums (one, two, three). Since some people are trying to deconstruct it, I feel it may be useful to share this summary of our Paytm Points Policies.

Paytm Points

  • Every dollar spent on Paytm gets you one Paytm Point – up to a thousand dollars. It is pretty simple.
  • Points are not redeemable for Cash. If you are looking for a formula like X points mean Y dollars, it’ll be tough 🙂
  • Expiry: We’ve all got bills to pay and Rewards to redeem, so if you keep doing that through our app, your points won’t expire. Simple.
  • Many of our Rewards come in conjunction with our partners, and they may be in limited supply. So, we cannot guarantee that if you see a Reward which is visible today that it will be there forever. We try our best to let you know if any particular Deal or Reward is there for a limited time or in limited quantities.
  • The best / easiest /laziest / awesomest way to continue to earn Points, as of today, is to refer your friends. You will automatically get half the Points that they collect for the first three months.

A Short Note About Bank Payments

We learned that most banks charge you a serious fee (often more than $40) if your balance is not enough when we try to make a bill payment. Please make sure that when you pay a bill or purchase an item, your bank balance is adequate. You don’t like those fees and neither do we. We want to help you avoid paying those late fees.

An excellent way to address this is to have Paytm Cash topped up beforehand: not only does it prevent the above issue, but it also leads to instant delivery of items for you that you buy on Paytm.

Payment Errors
Please check and double-check bill payee details. If someone makes an incorrect bill payment (wrong amount/account number for instance), then we will be severely limited in our ability to refund the money because the recipient of those funds must play nice for us to get it back for you. Most recipients are nice, and the refund happens in about six weeks, but you should understand and accept that we cannot guarantee your money will come back once sent.

Gaming the System / Manufactured Spending

We create new incentives and features all the time for our customers to try them out. A small handful of people might find ways to use the feature beyond its’ intended spirit. Let’s all play fair.

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