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We asked our users what they thought was the biggest barrier stopping them from paying their bills with Paytm. They answered that it was digging out an account statement and entering the number into the Paytm app. So we did the only logical thing we could, we created the Paytm Concierge service to do it for you. So that now you don’t have to enter those lengthy account numbers (some billers have up-to a 21-digit account number) for each biller. Paytm Concierge will do it for you.

Just send us a picture or a copy of your bills to: and we will set-up each biller in your account for you. It’s the fastest way that we could think of to help you start using the app and collecting Paytm Rewards.

Questions? Write to us at:


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Want to manage my bills effectively

Paytm Concierge can help you do just that!
Send a picture or a copy of your bill(s) to: They will set-up each biller in your Paytm account for you.

Excellent idea

The property tax for the City of Toronto, what is account number in paytm? Is it the assessment roll number on the statement?

That’s right, Nima. It’s the 21 digit number.

Can you do automated monthly payments?

Hello Jack,

Not yet but we’re working on it. You shall soon be able to do it. 🙂

Paytm should include Simplii Financial to it’s ‘Loans’ tab… It will be very helpful for me as I wanted to pay my line of credits monthly payments through Paytm but is has no option.

Let us check and get back to you on this.

Any chance you can add the municipality of Kirkland, QC (on the Montreal island) to your list?


Hello Bure,

We looked and have good news! We’ve added “Ville De Kirkland – Taxes” in our app. You’ll be the first one to pay your municipality through Paytm. A big cheers to you! Let us know if you have any questions.

Is there a way to setup post dated bill payment. Example Property tax bill needs to be paid in three payments, if I could setup all three payments when I receive the property tax bill.

Not yet! We have it on our to-do list though. In the meantime, you can use the reminder feature to help you stay on top of it.

How about adding the Town of Banff in Alberta for taxes and utilities ?

Thanks for the suggestion, I have sent it to our Customer Care team at: to review.

Town of Banff – Taxes is available as a biller.

Can I pay my mortgages thru you with my credit card to earn points? I’m with MCAP and don’t see it in the available compagnies.


We can pay mortgages on Paytm however you would have to use your bank account for it and not your credit card. If you do so, you’d earn points on Paytm. We’ll provide you more details on Paytm Points on March 17th.

Can you show me how can I pay my mortgage through paytm?

Hey Joseph,

Sure! All that you have to do is type the name of your mortgage provider in the search box. Select the name of your providers from the list, type in the account number, and simply follow the instructions in the app to complete your payment.

Is it possible to pre schedule a payment for a later date?


Not yet but we’re working on it. Hold tight!

Hi Jack,

Not yet, but it’s a feature that we are working on!

I would like to have Town of Essex added to pay my taxes. Is this possible?

Hi Jackie,

It’s already on the app. Just search for “Essex” and you’ll see it show up.

Would it be possible to add Ebox (electronic box) to bills, it’s an internet provider in quebec ?

We can definitely try. Can you drop in a note to to get this done?

How instant is the payment of the bill? I have a credit card that I sometimes walk into the bank with cash to pay so that it “instantly” opens up credit on the card. (Like, to buy a trip for four to Mexico 😆)

Hello Tanya,

We need at least 3 days to fulfill the payment if you pay using Paytm Cash.

Any chance you can add the City of Moncton, NB to your list?
I want to pay the property tax

Sure, I’ll pass this message on to our operations team. Thanks.

Hi Alston,

Our Billing Management team has added this to their pipeline, and they are working on adding the City of Moncton to our list of billers.



I wanted to link my Telus Mobility account as a biller but kept getting unable to link message. The login and password I typed were correct because I checked on Telus website.

Is there anyway to link it?

Thank you.


Currently, that’s the only way to link your biller in paytm. We’d be happy to look into what’s going wrong if you wish. Can you drop us an email at to look into this further.

I’ve been looking for the city of Sainte-Thérèse ( VILLE STE-THERESE ) and can’t find it in your app.

Is it possible to add it or can anyone let me know what is the exact name so that I can find it.


Hi Fil,
I have provided your biller request to our Business team. Thanks!

Is the app available to those of us on laptops and PC’s? I really want to use PAYTM~!


Hi Shirly,

Not yet, but we are working on it. I’ll let you know once it’s available.

Good idea! But curious to know why don’t you give this provision to us to set it up on our own rather than sending it to you?

Thanks, Ragav! You definitely have the ability to set it up youself directly in the app – this is just something extra we offer to save you some time if you’d like. If you have any other questions please let us know at 🙂

I have added my banking information and paytm connects well with my bank to get information such as balances. Any possibility to add all the billers from the same bank account automatically? The required information already exists in the bank account.

How do we know if we can use Mastercard to pay for taxes/propertytaxes?
It says it is free for Toronto City Taxes via mastercard credit card – is it the same for other cities? (Montreal for example)

Hello! Mastercard is completely free to use on our platform, regardless of the city you are in. The only time a fee is associated with a transaction is when paying with an American Express. In this, it is consistently a 3% fee – Canada-wide.

Please look into adding Enwin Utilities (Hydro & Water) & Affirm Financial (Mastercard). I’m in Windsor, ON, in case that helps. Thank you.

Hi Erica,
Both of these are available on the Paytm Canada app. If you require any additional assistance please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Care team:

Please bring Presto card amount payments

Hey Sahil, thanks for the suggestion! We’ll look into it for you.

It would be nice to enter a list of billers so when it’s time to pay a bill, u just click on it without having to re-search the biller from the drop down list (ie Telus). I can’t figure out how to set up all the billers we deal with without actually having to pay the bill.

Hi Mia, thanks for your suggestion- this will be forwarded to our product team 🙂
You can add a bill without paying for it by: (1)not selecting a payment method for the bill or (2)scheduling the bill.
If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact us at

Since you already have Videotron as a biller, could you please add its subsidiary Fizz ( as Mobile and Internet provider?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Maxime, we’ll definitely reach out to our billing team to request this biller. We’ll try our best to get it on the app!

Can you add Super Propane as a biller? Many thanks!

Hi Danielle,
If the biller that you’re referring to is ‘Super Save Power” then you’re in luck! It is available in our app.

Pouvez vous ajouter la ville de St Jean sur Richelieu pour le paiement des taxes
Aussi est-il possible de payer l’impot sur le revenu du Quebec par paytmNerci

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