The Paytm Cash Hack

Having all your bills like your cell phone, your utilities, your property taxes and even your credit card bills in one place is just how it should be: convenient and rewarding. There really isn’t anything as simple and as effortless as that. ​Except that there actually is. Paytm Cash is the ultimate in adulting!

When you pay your bills using Paytm Cash they will generally get processed in one business day. Plus, if you purchase a Reward with Paytm Cash it will be available for you to use right away. Instead of having to wait a couple of days if you were to use your linked bank account.

Now you can take adulting to the max, by automatically topping up your Paytm Cash. A few weeks ago, we introduced Paytm SmartDeposit. Every two weeks your Paytm Cash will get reloaded with the amount that you’ve selected. This way you will always have Paytm Cash available when you need it. Click here to read more about Paytm SmartDeposit.

The sheer convenience of being able to pay all your bills in one place, and getting a reward has never been easier!

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Comments (4)

Why cannot we pay by Visa CC?

If I will pay any bill from my credit card through paytm then it will be act a cash advance or normal payment. Because for cash advance my bank charge me extra.

Hi Rajneesh,

When you make a transaction your Mastercard or AMEX credit card on Paytm, you will not get a cash advance charge.

If there was the option of choosing the frequency with which money was automatically debited from my account and added to the app, I would almost definitely do it.

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