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Now Accepting: Visa Debit on Paytm


We are excited to announce that we now accept Visa Debit for the following bill payment categories: Mobile, Utilities, Taxes, Internet and Cable. You can also use your Visa Debit to purchase an e-gift card from our Rewards section. We also accept the following payment methods: Mastercard debit & credit, Visa debit and credit, American Express, bank account, and Paytm Cash.

Why Visa Debit?

Visa Debit allows our customers the ability of paying with a debit card with the flexibility and added security of paying with a Visa. We’re happy to announce that like most of our payment methods there are no fees (no hidden fees, no convenience fees and no service fees) for using your Visa Debit. With this new added payment method we want to continue to provide you with the best bill payment experience in Canada!

Collect Points and Redeem For Rewards

No matter which payment method you use to pay your bills, you will still collect Paytm Points for every payment that you make using the Paytm Canada app. For every $1 you spend in the app (either by paying a bill or purchasing an e-gift card) we’ll give you 1 Paytm Point that can be redeemed for FREE stuff from brands that you use every day like: Tim Hortons, Apple Music, and Ultimate Dining.

Plus, you can earn 5,000 Paytm Points just for referring a friend – AND they’ll also get 5,000 Paytm Points. All you have to do is refer a friend using your unique code through the App and when they pay their first bill of $50 or more we’ll reward you both with 5,000 Paytm Points.

This is just another way that we’re providing the best bill payment experience in Canada to our customers.

So what are you waiting for? Turn your bills into rewards today! 

Don’t forget to download the latest version of the Paytm Canada app from the App Store or Play Store to start taking advantage of paying your bills with Visa Debit. 

Comments (19)

You should also add Visa Debit to load funds to PayTM.

Thanks for the feedback, Jay! We hope to have this in the near future.

Can you please follow up with my request at ticket 81430?

Hey Guri, we’ve responded to your request. Thank you for following up! 🙂

I second this… it be awesome to fund our paytm cash with Visa debit or pay anything with Visa debit. You can strictly lock it to debit only so people dont use Visa cards at all for points etc…

Hi Sara, we are excited to say that Visa Debit is now available on our app 🙂

I am unable to add my Scotiabank visa debit card as payment method. Please help

Hi Dhruvin, please email us at care@paytm.ca and we’ll be happy to help you add your Scotiabank debit card to the app 🙂

Depuis hier tu peux avec Visa!

How about adding it as funding option. It will be quick and painless.

We hope to have that as a feature very soon!

should can use debit card pay credit card balance

where do I find my paytm number so I can get paid

Hi Gordon, what Paytm number are you referring to?

Just want to ask if I add a prepaid Visa to pay my phone bill will I be charged additional fees?

Hi Stephanie, unfortunately we do not support prepaid Visa’s at the moment–
For more information on the payment methods we do accept please visit this article:

J’ai payé mon compte de taxes scolaire hier et le montant n’apparaît pas sur ma Master Card. Aujourd’hui j’ai payé BELL et le montant est apparu aussitôt. Comment vérifier si mon compte de taxes sera payé?

Bonjour, veuillez-nous envoyer un courriel à care@paytm.ca et nous pourrons vérifier pour vous!

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