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We’re constantly working on our app to make sure we are giving you the BEST bill payment experience! Which means, we’re always adding new features to make your life easier and to save you some extra time. It may not be a stylish new wardrobe, a bold haircut, or an exotic skin treatment, but we have given the payment status page a sa-weet makeover that will show you more details about your payments right there on your screen the moment you tap on ‘Proceed to Pay’.

Here’s What To Look For:

Once you make a bill payment or purchase an e-gift card with the Paytm Canada app you can easily track the status of your payment. Right from the date that you initiated payment, to when your payment has been expedited (when the funds will be withdrawn from your bank account, Paytm Cash or charged to your credit card), to when the bill is paid. On the payment status screen when you tap on ‘More Details’, you’ll also be able to see the date and time that the payment was first initiated, how much you paid, the amount of Paytm Points you will earn, as well as your payment method (Paytm Cash, credit card, or linked bank account).

Each payment method has a different status tracker updates as the processing times vary depending on the payment method selected. Pay a bill or redeem your Paytm Points to take a peek and let us know what you think. Don’t miss out, and download our newest app update today!

Canada’s Most Secure App

With Paytm Canada, no matter which payment method you choose on, we stand by our security promise. Your data is yours, and we will never share it with anyone. Rest assured that at Paytm Canada, your data is always secure. Our business depends on your trust and we never have, and never will share your data with anybody else. Your security is our #1 priority, so we take important measures to keep your data safe.  We use the same encryption technology that most Canadian banks use. 

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Think we can improve on it? Email us at: care@paytm.ca.


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I did payment of my rent of 2175 CAD this month but got only 500 points. I was expecting 1 point for each doller? Can you please check and let me know the reason?

Hi there, rent is under the ‘other’ category for bills– you can view more information on Paytm points limits here. Hope this helps!

Hello I made two payments on June 29th. It is now July 6. The money was already taken from my back 3 days ago. The processing time is ridiculously long.

Hi there! It takes 5-7 business days from process-to-fulfilment. We apologise for the long processing time as it is determined by the bank ): If you have anymore questions about processing times, please email us at care@paytm.ca. Kind regards

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