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“I can never schedule my phone bill, because it’s always different!”

Sound familiar? If you’re like most Canadians, you find it annoying how your mobility bill always randomly fluctuates. Especially if you want to schedule your bill in advance. Did you accidentally send an international text? Did you exceed your data limit when you downloaded the latest Kayne album? No matter what caused your bill to be higher (or lower) than usual, we’ll let you know the difference in bill amount before your mobility provider!

Now, when you link your mobility biller to your Paytm account, we’ll be able to notify you if there is a discrepancy on your bill so you know ahead of time. Currently, this feature is only available to customers with the following mobility providers: Koodo, Bell, Telus and Vidéotron.

With this new feature, you’ll always know in advance of receiving your actual bill, if the amount is different from what you’re expecting. Plus, if you’ve scheduled your mobility bill with us, with our discrepancy alerts, you can easily update the payment accordingly and still have the peace of mind of knowing your bill will be paid on time. No late fees over here!

Here’s how it works on our app:

  1. On your homepage, we’ll flag your mobility bill discrepancy

2. We’ll confirm the difference in your new bill amount, compared to your previous payment to that biller.

3. Confirm your new bill amount (or call your bill provider and find out exactly the reason for the change!) and that’s it!

With this new feature, we’re letting you – our valued customers – be in the know of any and all changes in your bill amount. Whether you chose to schedule your mobility bill or not, you can now plan for any unexpected changes in your upcoming bill, in advance! If you have any questions, contact us at care@paytm.ca, or tweet us at @paytmcanada.

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