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Making Mobile Bill Payments Easy


A few weeks ago we began a series about the types of bills you can pay through Paytm. We started by talking about credit card bills, and how you can pay the popular cards like your bank’s Mastercard, American Express and Visa. We also shared that there are a ton of other credit cards that you can pay through our app like your Hudson’s Bay credit card, your Shopping Channel credit card, and your Rona credit card.

The added bonus about paying your credit card bills through the Paytm app is that they help you seriously load up on points; AND we increased the credit card Paytm Points limit from 1,000 Paytm Points to 2,000 Paytm Points! Plus, with this hack you can actually triple dip on points. What more could you want?* Well, how about squeezing a bit more out of your mobile bill!

Mobile Bills

In Canada, we have 3 national wireless carriers; Bell, Telus and Rogers. You can, of course, pay those bills in the Paytm Canada app, but did you know you can also pay your Fido, Koodo, Freedom mobile and Virgin Mobile bills as well? On top of all these options, you can also pay some lesser known carriers like Cityfone, Videotron S.E.N.C, Sasktel, Tbaytel and Eastlink Wireless. That’s a lot of mobile bills that you can pay in our app! Of course, if you don’t see your mobile service provider and want to pay your mobile bill (or any other bills) through our app, send us a quick email (care@paytm.ca) and we’ll do our best to get your provider in our app.

Making Bill Payments Easy

At Paytm Canada it is our #1 goal to make your bill payment process the best experience in Canada. Not only do we reward you for paying your bills, we make sure you can pay your bills no matter where you are (did you know: our name means “Pay Through Mobile”), in the most secure way possible. We’re also announcing new features all the time, like our Set It & Forget It which was introduced last September.

We have a lot of exciting things planned for 2019! Visit the App Store or Play Store and download the Paytm App to start collecting Paytm Points, which are redeemable for some amazing rewards from your favourite brands.

Next up in this series we’ll be talking about Utility Bills … Stay tuned!

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