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Pay Bills. Earn Rewards.

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We’re very excited to introduce the Paytm Points program! We had you in mind every step of the way, while we were designing it. Our Points program is simple to use and easy to understand. It is the only rewards program in Canada that gives you points when you pay a bill or make a payment.

You will collect 1 Point for every $1 that you spend (terms & conditions apply). For our introductory launch offer, every customer that has made a transaction since March 17, 2017 will receive Paytm Points. Open the app and check out just how many Points you’ve collected.

Search for over 5,000 Canadian companies, and save yourself the time it takes to log-in to multiple websites to pay your bills. We even offer several payment methods so that you can choose how you want to pay: credit card, bank account or cash. Your preferred payment method will get saved to your Paytm account. So, the next time you make a payment you can do it in just a few seconds. Pay a bill and start collecting points today!

You will be able to redeem as little as 500 Points to receive exclusive cashback deals. With over 50 amazing deals from brands such as: Tim Hortons, Esso, Jack Astors, Indigo and Hotels.com (to name a few) you won’t run out of ways to redeem your Points. Check out the app everyday to see our exclusive daily deals.

We believe that most Canadian households approximately spend $50,000 annually in bill payments. Imagine getting double the points for those payments. With Paytm, you’ll get just that! When you make a bill payment you will not only receive Paytm Points, but if your credit card offers you points you’ll collect those too. Get double the points for living your everyday life.

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Questions? Email us at: care@paytm.ca

Download the Paytm Canada app for free on either Google Play or the App Store.

Comments (23)

Good job Paytm!

What is the value for each point? What could you buy or what to do whit points?

Lots of things. Too many to write it out here. But check out http://www.paytm.ca/paytm-points for the top offers or browse our app to see the entire catalogue.

But there is no cash back offer?

Bring back Visa, and allow us to pay with Amex without the fake assumption that Amex fees are incredibly higher.

We’re working with Amex to lower the fees. Stay tuned.

How do I verify my account, for the 1000 points?

What is involved in the 3rd-party account verification? Is it a credit check?

Hi CM,

You have to provide your full name, date of birth and address. It’s not a credit check. We verify whether the details provided match.

Where can we find our points balance in the app? It does not show under the PayTM Rewards section. Thank you!

Hi Charmaine,

It’s in the rewards screen. If you don’t see it. Try reinstalling the app.

Hi Aditya, the bonus points as outlined above are fantastic!

Can you please clarify on the maximums below and the note below the table, from your T’s and C’s:


When you initiate a Qualifying Transaction, regardless of the method of payment you use to complete that transaction, you will automatically earn one (1) Point for every One Dollar ($1.00 CAD) you spend on any Qualifying Transaction, up to the maximum Points per month for payments to companies as given in the table below.

Category Maximum Points per Month
Mobile and Utility 500 Points
Tax and Credit Card 1000 Points
All other categories 500 Points

Qualifying Transaction made to companies in the above categories for amounts mentioned as maximum Points per month will not be eligible for Points under the Program. ????

– please clarify above sentence on Qualifying Transactions 🙂

Additional Clarification on Categories:
#1 Mobile and Utility
500 Total Points max in one month
Mobile 500 Points AND Utility 500 Points for potential total 1000 Points max in one month?

#2 Tax and Credit Card
1000 Total Points max in one month
Tax 1000 Points AND Credit Card 1000 Points for potential total 2000 Points max in one month?

#3 All other categories
500 Total Points max in one month
– each OTHER category can be 500 Points max each per month

Thanks Aditya!


Thanks for being so excited about our program. You can get a maximum of 1000 points for Mobile and utilities and 2000 points for Tax and Credit Card. And yes, its each OTHER category will be 500 points max. Hope that was helpful.

Hi Aditya, I found that it is 1000 for credit card and 1000 for tax, instead of “2000 points for Tax and Credit Card (combined I assume), because after I made credit card payment of more than 1000 dollars, the points that I can earn for the month with respect to credit card are capped.

Hi, I already have my bills set up to charge my credit card each month. How do I transition from Pre-Authorized Credit Card Payments to PayTM?

Hi Adam,
Since you currently pay your bills via pre-authorized payments, you’ll need to contact each biller to remove yourself from that payment method so that you will avoid being double charged. To set-up your bills on Paytm, you can contact our Paytm Concierge service and they can help you out.

Still couldn’t find what is the worth of one point in CAD

For redeeming points to rewards gift card, I can’t see my MasterCard I usually use to pay my bill. Do I must link to a bank in order to use the reward points?

Can we use Visa, American express or Masterpass for the utility payment

For a utility bill, you can use Mastercard (no fee) or American Express (3% fee), a linked bank account, or Paytm Cash! You can check out our Help Center articles here and here, or email us at care@paytm.ca if you have any more questions!

Hi, I’m not clear on how the discounts really works. When browsing the app in the rewards/redeem section I see for instance that the Esso card which is worth 50$ is discounted to 48.50$ (in green below the value price). Yet, when I try to buy it, it’s 50$ ! How does the discount apply ?

How much does a vendor $ cost in paytm points? for example, how many paytm points buys $5 for Tim Hortons?

Hey, jp! You can purchase a $5 Tim’s card using 5,000 Paytm points. Please email us at care@paytm.ca if you have any other questions.

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