Get A $5 e-Gift Card When You Pay Your Credit Card Bill


Credit Card payments are the most popular bill payments made in the Paytm Canada app. This month, we wanted to make our app even more rewarding for you. So, starting on April 24th, 2019 until May 24th, 2019, when you make a minimum $1,000 credit card bill payment using the Paytm Canada app, you will receive a $5 e-gift card! Once your credit card bill payment has been completed, the e-gift card will be found in the “My Pocket” section of the App.*

We Are Canada’s Most Rewarding App

It’s really simply, we reward our customers for paying their bills. Every $1 that you spend towards a bill payment, we will reward you with 1 Paytm Point. You can redeem your points for a FREE e-gift card from your favourite brands like Sephora, Amazon, Esso, Boston Pizza, Tim Hortons, and many more! You can also redeem your Paytm Points for discounted e-gift cards, and you will collect 1 Paytm Point for every $1 you spend towards e-gift cards.

Pay the bills you have to pay anyway, and get rewarded with the Paytm Canada app!

Multiple Payment Methods

You have the option of setting up multiple payment methods such as your Mastercard or American Express credit/debit card, you can also link your bank account, and you can top-up your Paytm Cash. From all of these options, we give you the choice on which method you want to use to pay your bills.

Earn More Rewards

We also have different ways for you to collect bonus points, including referring your friends and family with your unique referral code (collect 5,000 referral points), bundle your bills (collect up to 1,500 bonus points) and adding & paying a new bill (collect 250 points for each new bill).

Join Paytm Canada now (did we mention you’ll get 1,000 Bonus Welcome Paytm Points), and take advantage of our latest bill payment promotion! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to hear about our newest promotions, features and much more!

*Limit one $5 e-gift card per Paytm Canada account. While quantities last (T&C’s apply).

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Will $1000 credit card payment in a single transaction or multiple transactions totalling $1000 also eligible for $5 e-gift card ?

Yes, both of these bill payment transactions would work. For example if you are paying a $1,000 credit card bill payment in one transaction; or you split it up into multiple transactions that total $1,000. You will be eligible to receive the $5 e-gift card once your payment has been completed. It will be available for you in the My Pocket section in the App.

Limit one $5 e-gift card per Paytm Canada account. While quantities last.

Hi I made payment last week to my credit card for $1,000 but I never receive my $5 credit? The transaction already went through. How many days does it take?

Thank you,


Hi Markus, your gift card was delivered on May 6th 🙂

Can you let me know how long it takes to show up? I have done 1000$ a few days back but dont see the bonus in my pocket

Hi Anupam, you should receive it before the 15th if your payments were made towards credit card bills 🙂 If not received, please email us at

I haven’t got my reward yet either. I already spent more than $1000 in bill payment within the time frame

Hi there, this promotion is for credit card payments only 🙂 You currently have one pending payment that will ensure that you are eligible for this gift card. If you do not receive the gift card in your Paytm wallet by May 27th, please email us at Thanks!

Would paying multiple credit card bills totalling $1000 qualify for this promo?
e.g. Credit card 1 bill $600
Credit card 2 bill $400

Hi Sandeep,

Yes! As long as the credit card bill payments are made with the same Paytm Canada account.

Paid $1000 in credit card bill but haven’t receive my $5 gift card

Hi Tommy, please ensure that the payments you made towards this promotion are credit card payments that have been initiated before May 24th. If you have not received the card 2-3 days after your payments have been fulfilled please email us at 🙂

Why are the $5 gift cards randomly selected? That’s a horrible promotion compared to the 5,000 Paytm points promos running the past two months. 5000 points lets you save up and redeem it on any gift card of your choosing. At least let people pick from a selection, if you only have a few. I don’t want one to some random business that I’ll never use.

All of the brands that we offer in our Rewards marketplace are popular well-known ones. Most likely you won’t be disappointed with the random selection.

The app crashed, and was unable to click on “redeem now”. How do I get my $5 gift card? It’s not showing in my pocket

Hi Jonny,
We’re sorry about that. Please email our Customer Care team: so that they can further look into this.

I experienced the same issue that these previous poster posted. After I paid over $1000 credit payment, the redeem now button appears bit the app froze. I emailed the customer care team already, but if this is a known issue, it should be fixed

Why this isn’t available for Quebec residents ?

Hi there, we apologise for the inconvenience as there are restrictions in Quebec that dont allow our app to process credit card payments. For more information on the accepted methods of payments for Quebec residence, click here. We hope to have promotions in the future that include methods of payments accepted in Quebec, stay tuned and thank you for continuing to use our app!

Payment of $2000 would earn two $5 gift cards?

Hi there, there is a limit of 1 gift card/customer per fulfilled transaction 🙂

I have not found my e gift card yet.

Hi Milan, your payment needs to be in “fulfilled” status- If it is not in your wallet within 3-5 business days please email us at and we will check the status of your payment for you 🙂

It’s been already more than 5 days. Still nothing inside my pocket.
Did email to you guys same reply: will be there within 3-5 days.
So what next? How long should I have to wait for $5 gift card?

Hi Milan, looks like its already been put inside your wallet yesterday 🙂

How long would I have to wait to receive this gift card? My payment was set to ‘paid’ yesterday.

Hi Micheal, once your payment is in “fulfilled” status- you will automatically get the gift card. If it is not in your wallet within 3-5 business days please email us at and we will check the status of your payment for you 🙂

In Quebec is not yet possible to pay credit card by PayTM, it’s still true ?

Hi there, we apologise for the inconvenience as there are restrictions in Quebec that dont allow our app to process credit card payments. For more information on the accepted methods of payments for Quebec residence, click here.

Hi there!

Processing credit card payments for quebec has been talked about a lot on these posts… and it’s been said it’s something you guys are working on adding in the future, but your reply seems like you have an answer and that you won’t be able to add this function for Quebec users… is this true? I feel like so many of us from Quebec ask this question and you can guys can never give us a timeline or some sort of idea of when it will be available. Can we just not get a direct answer of yes it can be done and we’re working on it, or no, it can’t be done. It’s frustrating waiting in anticipation and then always being disappointed. Even if you could give us information on who to contact to try and get these regulations or restrictions to change would be beneficial, at least then I could feel like I’m doing my part to have things improve for everyone.

Thanks so much

Hi Michael, thanks for your feedback! Unfortunately there are certain regulations in Quebec that do not meet the terms that are set in other parts of Canada, for this reason we are unable to currently provide a direct answer as these regulations are set by the banks in Quebec and may change at any given time. If you would like more information regarding this, please email us at!

How come I havent receive my $5? I paid $1000 credit card bill couple of days ago.

Hi Anthony, unfortunately we couldnt find an account under your email to check. Your gift card should be in your Paytm wallet 2-3 business days after your payment is in “fulfilled” status. You can check the status of your payment by going to Bills > Manage Bill > Select the bill you paid. If it’s been over 3 business days after fulfillment, please send us an email at

Hi, it’s not the first time this happen that a promotion is pushed without any remark to say explicitly that this is not available to Quebec residents. I know regulations are different here, that’s not the point. Just put a sentence saying it in your promotion stuff, that’s all I’m asking. We still represent a big portion of Canada’s population, so could you please take it into account when you want to promote something to “Canadians”.

Hi Alexandre, note taken! We have informed our team regarding this and apologise for any confusion this has caused. Please stay tuned and keep up to date on future potential promotions 🙂 Kind regards

I just made a payment, it said congrats I got a gift card for $5, but no gift card arrived in my pocket. Any ideas?

Hi JohnPaul, 2-3 business days after your payment is in “fulfilled” status will the card show up automatically in your wallet 🙂 If you do not see your card after the 27th, please email us at

You have blocked my bank account and trying to advertise this! You know that I am unable to pay my bill as your support staff is unable to solve my issue.

Hi Durgesh, your account is not in blocked status. Please send us an email if you have issues paying within the app, we would love to help! Thanks

Please help me, my account has been on hold for over 3 weeks now and no one from support is helping me.

Hi Liap, your account has already been unblocked 🙂 If you have issues signing in, please let us know!

Hi Jenna,
Thanks for you help, I’m able to pay bill now but I had to add another bank account because I kept getting an invalid request with the bank account that I’ve used before. It says “We promise there is method to our madness, but unfortunately this payment method can no longer be used on Paytm.” This is my main bank account, is it possible to get this bank account working?

I’ve made over 1000 in credit card payments, how long until I see the gift card in my wallet?

Hi Joel, it should show up in your Paytm wallet 2-3 days after your payments initiated for this promotion are in fulfilled status 🙂 If not, please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

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