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Over the next couple weeks we are going to do a series on the different types of bills that you can pay using our app. With over 5,000 service providers, there are actually a lot of bills that you can pay! This week, let’s talk about Credit Cards.

Of course you can pay the popular credit cards like your bank’s Mastercard, American Express and Visa, but did you know there are a ton of other credit cards that you can also pay with our app?

For instance, your Hudson’s Bay credit card, your Shopping Channel credit card, your IKEA credit card, your Rona credit card, or your Ultramar Canada Mastercard. These are just a few examples of the types of credit cards that you can pay. If you go into the Paytm Canada app, and click on the “Credit Cards” icon you’ll get a list of them.

If you don’t see a credit card that you want to pay, just type the name of it into the search bar and voila! We’re 99.9% sure you’ll find the one that you’re looking for. And if you don’t, let us know and we’ll work hard to get your credit card in our app.

Paying your credit card bill through Paytm is a great way to earn a ton of Paytm Points each month. Plus, if you know this little hack you can actually triple dip on points.

Security and Caps

For your security, on large bills like credit cards we cap how much you can pay and how many points you can collect each month. If you’re paying a rather larger credit card bill one month, you may be required to pay it in 2 or 3 smaller payments, and you can collect a maximum of 1,000 Paytm Points per month. This is to deter fraudsters from scamming the system and creating fraudulent transactions.

From December 1, 2018 until January 31, 2019: when you pay your credit card bill through the Paytm app, we increased the credit card points limit from 1,000 Points to 2,000 Points!

*Please note: as of February 1, 2019 we have increased the credit card Paytm Points limit to 2,000 Points!

We are trusted by our customers who make secure transactions through our app. And, we want to continue to provide the best rewards program and bill payment experience in Canada, all while keeping your information safe and secure.

So head over to the App Store or Play Store and download the Paytm App and start adding your credit cards to the “My Bills” section in the App. While you’re there, don’t forget to click on the “Rewards” section to see all the free stuff that you can redeem your Paytm Points for.

Stay tuned, next week we’ll talk about Mobile bills that you can pay using the Paytm Canada app!

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Comments (30)

I would love to use it to pay the bills. However i dont see CIBC credit card in the list.

Hey Sumeet! What credit card are you trying to pay? We have CIBC Visa and Mastercard on our list of billers. Simply open up the app, click on “My Bills” -> “Add New Biller” and search “CIBC”. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at


What about credit card payment for the Quebec users of PayTM?

Hey Gen, due to regulatory requirements, credit card payments through Paytm are unfortunately not supported in Quebec yet. For a full list please check out this article from our Help Center.

What is considered a large credit card bill? Or in other words, what is the cap?

Hi Meredith,
You can read about our transaction limits here:

Ashley Fairstone card by any chance?

Hi Arun,
We do have ‘Fairstone’ available on the app. You can easily search for it on the homepage.

Alondra Gabriela Larenas

Quebec can’t pay their credit cards? Didn’t work for me when i just tried.

Is this service available to residents of Quebec as well, or are we still left out of it.

I’m from Quebec – any development about credit card payment for us?

Please email us at and we’ll look into it further for you.

I want to pay my canadian capital one mastercard with this app but i still cant 🙁

Hi Claire,
Sorry to hear about that. Please email us at so that we can look into it.

‘Biller not available for Quebec resident’… why can i add my bill to my account if i can’t pay it?

Hey Amy, due to regulations surrounding the transference of funds in Canada, we don’t currently support credit card bill payments in Quebec. We are working on adding it in the near future, and unfortunately, preventing the bill from being added is not currently a feature. For a full list on payable bills in Quebec please check out this article from our Help Center.

Even temporarily at 2,000 points, would love to see a higher cap on points for credit card bills. I wish my credit card bill was under $2,000! Also, why would I fraudulently pay off somebody else’s credit card bill just to get points?!?!

Hey Hoc! Thanks for your comment – you’d be surprised at the fraudulent activity attempts we see, which is why we have specific rules in place. With that being said though, we’re always open to reconsidering our limits to make our customer’s lives better. What cap limit would make more sense to you? If you could contact us at with more about your suggestion, that would be great!

Very appealing article, but it would be nice to let people know explicitly the restrictions like… not available to quebec residents.
It is already frustrating that we are restricted to do stuff the rest of Canadians can, so please be more direct about communicating these facts. Thanks

Please kindly consider permanently increasing the credit card points limit to 2000 points past January 2019. I miss so many chances of earning more credit card points in the past due to this limitation.

Thanks for the suggestion Ivan! We will definitely consider increasing our credit card points limit to 2,000 Points.

I couldn’t find
Triangle master card biller for making my credit card payment

Hey Anvesh, we don’t currently have Triangle on as a biller! Please contact us at and we’ll put it in as a request with our Biller Management team. Thanks!

Just split your payable amount into two or three payments.


Does Paying a credit card bill with a credit card incur any extra cost like cash advance or something on the credit card that is linked to PayTM.

Please advise.

Thank you for this great app.

Hey Asif, glad to hear you’re enjoying it! Unfortunately, you are unable to pay a credit card off with a credit card, so any potential extra charges are not charged by making payments through Paytm.

I see there is a promotion of 5X points earning by paying credit card bill until 9th Feb. As per this limitation do we still get past more than 2000 points? Example I am about to pay my credit card bill using bank account around 3000, do i get 15000 or max caped to 2000 points?

Hi Madhu, the 5x bonus points are capped at $1000, so the maximum per month you can earn with this promotion is 5,000 bonus points a month. Please check out the article for more.


I’m fairly new to PayTM and have a question. My credit card bill is short of $1000 but my current credit card balance is over $1000. Can I pay $1000 using my bank account towards my credit card bill even though my bill is short of the $1000. I am asking because I am interested in taking advantage of the promo where you receive 5000 points for paying a $1000 credit card bill.

Please let me know.

Hi Dennis, typically it is preferred to pay the bill balance exactly as stated, however if your balance is over $1000 there’s no problem with paying slightly over with your connected bank account through the app. If you would like further details, please send us an email at

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