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Celebrate Family Day with Paytm


Happy Family Day long weekend!

Here’s a fun fact: did you know Family Day is NOT a federally established holiday? It’s celebrated in 5 provinces, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and New Brunswick (Manitoba celebrates Louis Riel Day, and in PEI it’s Islander Day). Since Family Day is still a relatively new stat holiday, (Ontario started celebrating in 2008) there are no traditional activities that are associated with the Holiday. So, how should you spend the day?

We’ve picked our 3 favourite Family Day activities that the whole family will love! And, you can redeem these experiences with your Paytm Points – so you can have a ton of fun without breaking the budget.

  • Hit The Slopes: Whether you want to ski, snowboard or toboggan getting outside on Family Day is #1 on our list! After the freezing cold temp during the polar vortex, February is a great month to get outdoors and enjoy winter. Use your Paytm Points for an e-gift card at Sport Chek. Pick up a super fly outfit and some winter equipment, and an even better outfit for your Après! Plus, use your Paytm Points to redeem for a Hotels.com e-gift card if you plan on making it an overnight trip.
  • Out Of The Box Activities: Have you ever just wanted to break a bunch of stuff? Or maybe try out your archery skills? We’ve recently added some pretty cool out of the box activities to the Paytm Canada Rewards catalogue. Redeem your Paytm Points and spend Family Day at a Rage Room, playing Archery Dodgeball, or Dart of War! If these don’t work for you, check out Life Experiences, and redeem your Points for an e-gift card. There’s tons of activity options that the whole family will enjoy.
  • Catch A Movie: If staying inside and staying warm is on your to-do list this long weekend then why not head to Cineplex and catch a movie? The new Lego movie is out, and we hear that everything about it is awesome! Or, ditch the kids (not recommended on FAMILY DAY *cough cough*) and check out the thriller Escape Room. Whichever movie you decide to watch, redeem your Paytm Points for tickets and popcorn!

However you decide to spend your Family Day long weekend, don’t forget to check out the App and see where you can save money by redeeming your Paytm Points!

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