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Fraud and security are a HUGE deal for us at Paytm Canada. Your security is our #1 priority, which is why we take important measures to keep your data safe. Rest assured when you pay your bills using the Paytm app all your transactions are protected. We are trusted by thousands of Canadians. And, we want to continue to provide the best rewards program and bill payment experience in Canada all while keeping your personal information safe and secure. Here’s how we do it:

Paytm Canada is Safe and Secure

At Paytm, we don’t store any of your credit or debit card information on our platform. In order to provide you with the highest level of security we use the same encryption technology that most Canadian banks use, which means that your personal card information cannot be accessed.

Transaction Limits

One of the major ways we deter fraudsters is by keeping our transaction limits low. As a customer we understand that this can be frustrating, but believe us it’s less frustrating than having your credit card compromised. If you’re looking to pay a bill, like property tax, you’ll likely have to pay it in 2 or 3 smaller transactions. These rules and limits help to keep fraudsters from scamming the system and creating fraudulent transactions.

We Don’t Sell Your Data

We can 100% assure you that Paytm DOES NOT and WILL NEVER sell your data. What you tell us is confidential and like any good relationship, we don’t want to lose your trust.

We Don’t Ask for Your Information

Keep in mind that we will never randomly call you asking for your Paytm information, so if it feels like a scam, it probably is. Before giving out your personal information make sure you are talking to a Paytm Canada representative from our Customer Care team. We will only contact you if you have raised an issue or concern.

Making Money

We want to be completely transparent with you. We don’t actually make any money through bill payments. We make it through our rewards. When you purchase a reward card from any of our vendors we make money. So when you pay your bills, collect points and redeem rewards it’s a win-win for everyone!


At Paytm we understand the importance of keeping your data safe and secure, and we’ll always do what is necessary to keep it that way. In fact, hundreds of millions of users safely transact on Paytm’s secure payment platform in India every month. The same team that built some of the security for that platform works directly out of our Toronto office. Your sensitive information is completely safe in our hands and you can pay your bills knowing we are Canada’s most trusted and secure app!

Questions? Our Customer Care team will be able to help! You can chat with us Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (EST) at 1-888-878-7761; or by email at:

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