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It’s our MO to reward you for something as simple as paying your everyday bills! So, you shouldn’t be surprised to find out that we also give our customers Bonus Paytm Points when they bundle their bill payments in one month!

How-to Earn 500 Bonus Paytm Points

When you pay 3 different (unique) bills that are $25, or more, in one month we’ll reward you with 500 Bonus Paytm Points. That could be your Mobile bill, your Hydro bill, and your Credit Card bill  OR  your Property Tax bill, your Insurance bill, and your Cable bill. Whichever way you swing it, just pay 3 unique bills and you’ll easily collect 500 bonus Paytm Points!

The bonus points will be reflected in your Paytm account once all three transactions have been successfully processed within the month.

How-to Earn 1,000 Bonus Paytm Points

For the more avid Paytm Canada customer, we’ll reward you with 1,000 Bonus Paytm Points when you pay 5 unique (different) bills that are $25, or more, within one month. That could be your Line of Credit bill, your Internet bill, your CAA membership, your Utility bill, and even your Rent bill. We literally have every bill covered for you to pay. Pick 5. Pay them using the App. Collect: 1,000 bonus Paytm Points!

The bonus will be reflected in your Paytm account once all five transactions have been successfully processed within the month.

Does The Bill Category Matter?

As long as you pay different (unique) bills, it doesn’t matter if the bill is in the same category. For example: if you have separate auto and home insurance provider, and you pay both bills under the Insurance category we consider them to be unique bills and will count them as two separate payments.

If you can’t find a bill that you need to pay, simply send us an email (care@paytm.com), and we’ll work with the service provided to try to get them added to the App.

Bonus Paytm Points

You know at Paytm we’re all about double and triple dipping. So, if you were wondering if you can still receive 1,000 bonus Paytm Points for five unique payments, if you already received the 500 bonus for three unique bill payments the answer is … YES! If you pay a total of five different bill payments in one month, you will receive a total of 1,500 bonus Paytm Points by the end of the month. Sound too good to be true? That’s because we are!

So, pop on over to the Paytm Canada app and search from thousands of service providers. You can even use multiple payment methods (everything from your credit card to Paytm Cash) to make a bill payment directly from our app.

Bundling your bills with Paytm is a great way to collect extra points every single month.

Ready to start bundling your bills and earning points for free stuff? Head over to the App Store or Google Play Store and download the Paytm Canada app for free. New customers will collect 1,000 Welcome Paytm Points just for signing up!

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Hi, it is nice that you posted this blog. My issue is that for the past 4 months, I paid 3 bills each month, but I never get the 500 bonus points. I always have to reach out to care@paytm.ca to have the points credited each and every month. Support team does not commit to getting this issue fixed. What can you do about this ?

Hi Manh, thanks for your feedback! This will be passed on to our product team 🙂
Typically points are automatically deposited once a bill has been fulfilled.
If this is not the case, our care team at care@paytm.com works hard to look into the issues associated with each transaction to ensure that you are getting the points you’ve earned.

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