How to Black Friday With Paytm


Ahhh Black Friday! The beautiful time of the year when American’s will literally trample each other for a sale. For Canadians, it seems like the last couple of years Black Friday has just started to take off. And thankfully, our good ol’ Canadian niceness seems to take precedence over ripping a toy out of a child’s hand.

Skip the crowded parking lots, long store lineups, and turn your Black Friday into Black Friyay! Take advantage of your favourite deals by using your Paytm Points. Whether you’re getting ahead on your holidays shopping, or picking up something nice for yourself, you can use your Paytm Points to grab an e-gift card from tons of your favourite brands.

Rack Up The Points

Here are 2 ways to rack up some mega points during Black Friday:

  1. Shop the Black Friday deals on your credit card and pay your credit card bill through the Paytm app. You’ll earn 1 Paytm Point for every dollar you spend paying a bill. Plus, if you collect points on your credit card you’re really racking up twice the points! Paytm Points don’t conflict with your credit points.


  1. Purchase an e-gift card through the Paytm app and you’ll earn 1 Paytm Point for every dollar you spend. Then use those e-gift card to shop online, or if you’re feeling adventurous instore, at your favourite brand’s Black Friday sale!

The hardest part will be deciding where to spend it, so we’ve created this easy chart for how-to Black Friday the right way!


However you plan to get a deal on Black Friday make sure to start with Paytm so that you’ll get rewarded on top of all the amazing deals.

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