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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are creeping up on us. If you’re like most of the general population, you’ve been eagerly awaiting this shopping season, especially if you’re hoping to make a big retail purchase or get your hands on the latest high-tech gadget. Here are our favourite tips (6 to be exact!) to save you money and make sure you’re prepared for the upcoming shopping spree you’re bound to do.

Make a wish list & budget

While your wishlist doesn’t have to be retailer-specific it’s a good idea to put together a list of what you’re looking to buy on Black Friday/Cyber Monday. This will give you a sense of focus when it comes to looking for deals, and ensure you don’t end up buying random stuff that you really don’t need.

Many websites (like Amazon) allow you to create wish lists on their site, which can be a great place to start. By creating a wishlist, you can properly research all the items you’re hoping to buy, and know exactly what you’re looking to purchase on the day of.

Once you’ve created a wish list – it’s time to create a budget. We know – sounds simple enough, right? It’s crucial to budget beforehand because once you’re in the frenzy of Black Friday, it’s easy to get caught up in the “excitement” and spend more than you were planning to. Many retailers create “doorbuster” specials that are specifically designed to get you into a store so that they can sell you items you weren’t intending to buy, so deciding ahead of time how much you want to spend can help you resist impulse buying and save you money.

Create online accounts

Many websites require you to have a log in to complete a purchase. Whether it’s a Best Buy account or Hudson’s Bay account, it’s worth setting aside some time now to make sure you have your accounts set up already, so you can save time when you’re in the zone of Black Friday shopping! 

It’s also a good time to make sure your delivery & billing information is up to date on any existing retailer accounts, so you can check out on the day of as quickly as possible (things sell up super quickly – so every minute counts!).

Set a schedule (prepare to get up early or stay up late!)

Most big retailers will publish their deals from midnight on November 29 and December 2rd, so you may want to stay up on those nights to ensure you don’t miss any of the big discounts. 

Don’t miss your opportunity to get the best bargains. Find out when the sales start and mark your calendar or set reminders. Some deals kick off well before Black Friday so take advantage of early deals when you can.  It’s also worth noting that retailers’ online and in-store sale timelines don’t always match so look out for deal schedules! Start with the high-priority items and go on from there.

Coupons, discount codes, loyalty programs & free shipping!

Basically, try to save even more! Look out for coupons, loyalty points or special offers (like a bonus gift with purchase) when deciding where to get the best value.  

Plus, sites that offer free or discounted shipping fees, can really help you maximize your Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings. If you shop international, your order may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and other fees that will be your responsibility to pay. Do your research to understand whether your purchase will end up costing you more than you bargained for.  

Looking to save even more? Got a bunch of Paytm Points and not sure what to use them on? Redeem an e-gift card from one of the brands you plan to shop at this season (like Best Buy, Amazon.ca and Hudson’s Bay) and save on your favourite brands.

Compare prices

As much as you may think you are getting a good deal, there’s no harm making sure it’s the best deal. Hopefully you’ll do your research when creating a wishlist, to know costs for certain items – that way you’ll know exactly how much you’re saving when you see the deal price.

When you’re shopping online this season, before you finalize your order, do a quick Google search for the item(s) and check out the deals available from other retailers to make sure you’re getting the best deal. It’s also a good idea to check out the return policies for retailers you’re purchasing from just to make sure you’re covered!

Get rewarded for your purchases

So, you racked up a pretty decent bill from all your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping. Why not maximize on the savings you gained from these simple tips even more? Get rewarded for paying off all those Black Friday and Cyber Monday bills through Paytm! When you pay your bills through Paytm, you’ll earn points you can redeem towards discounted e-gift cards from brands like Best Buy, Amazon.ca, Hudsons bay & more. Plus you can also triple dip on points when you use this hack.

Follow these tips, to take full advantage of all the fun and savings to be had during this retail bonanza. If you end up purchasing anything using your points, tweet us a pic at @paytmcanada!

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