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There are some BIG changes happening at Paytm. For starters, we gave our app Homepage and Rewards page a makeover! We want to provide an enhanced customer experience and continue to make sure that we’re always providing the best rewards experience to our customers. That’s why we skimmed through our social feeds (don’t forget to follow us!) to hear what our customers are saying about our app, and you guys have asked for more ways to collect rewards.

Here’s what’s new as of today:

  1. Receive 500 welcome bonus points just for signing up. You asked for more ways to collect points, so we’re giving them to you. Starting today, when you download the Paytm Canada app from either the App store or the Google Play store and sign up you’ll get 500 points instantly.
  2. Receive 5,000 points for referring a friend. Don’t keep us as your dirty little secret! Share the love! When you share your referral code with a friend you’ll get 5,000 points when they sign up for Paytm Canada and pay their first bill of $50 or more.
  3. Turn your Points into Paytm Cash. Starting today, you can convert your Paytm Points for a Paytm Cash Card; which can instantly be used towards a bill payment, rewards card purchase, or to send money nationwide.
  4. Buy rewards cards using your Credit Card. Before today, you were only able to purchase reward cards with your Paytm Cash or your linked bank account. Now, you can use your credit card too! Which means that you can double up on points (if you collect credit card points) when buying yourself a reward. That sounds like a win-win to us.
  5. F-R-E-E Rewards! The most exciting change to our Paytm Rewards is that we now offer FREE Rewards. This means that you can collect your points and redeem them for free rewards cards. Each brand offers a different “free reward” depending on the amount of Paytm Points you want to redeem. 

These new initiatives are an add-on to our current rewards programs. We believe that it will help Canadians collect and redeem points faster, and in a more valuable way. For every $1 that you spend in the app, you will still receive 1 Paytm Point (either through paying a bill or purchasing a rewards card with your Paytm Cash, bank account and now your credit card). Plus, now when you redeem your points on a rewards card you will receive instant savings! So, before you start shopping online or in-store head over to our Rewards page and indulge in some guilt-free spending.

We’ll also have promo codes for even more savings and even more rewards. Make sure you keep an eye on our social media accounts; you can follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so you never miss a chance to collect the most rewards.

We also want to remind you that when you pay a bill through our app using your credit card, the Paytm Points you collect will not interfere with the points you can potentially earn by using your credit card through the Paytm app. This is just another reward on top of the existing benefits already available for you.

At Paytm Canada it’s our goal to be Canada’s most rewarding app. We reward you for paying your bills. More bills. More rewards. It’s as easy as that. And we’re always listening to YOU! You are the most important part of our journey, so if there’s something you’d like to redeem your Paytm Points for, send us a Tweet or post a comment on our Facebook and Instagram pages and let us know.

Questions? Our Customer Care team will be able to help! You can chat with us on Monday to Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (EST) at 1-888-878-7761; or by email at:

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You guys really need to start announcing changes BEFORE they happen. It’s not a good customer experience to find out that the entire points structure has changed on the day it goes into effect. We should have been given some notice so we could decide whether to redeem points we had already saved up. Extremely disappointing.

Hi Tanisha, all the rewards that were available before this change are still available to you now, with the exact same redemption offer. The only difference is all the new ones we have added, including many points-only redemption offers / 100% cashback offers. IFf you’d like to discuss this more, please contact our Customer Care team and we’d love to chat about any concerns you have!

Unfortunately it is not true. Points worth much less now. I was saving my tens of thousands of points now it’s worth less than 10%…

1000:1 now… LOL

Apple Airpods used to be 20,000 points (219 CAD). Sonos used to be 20,000 (199 CAD) points. Now points are worth up to and over 90 percent less in a matter of a few months. These points devalue faster than the argentinian peso, very disappointing.

That’s not true, though. For example, I was saving up to redeem 15,000 points for $25 off a $50 Jack Astor’s gift card. I now have to accumulate 25,000 points for the same offer. Had I known a chang3 was coming, I could have decided to spend my points elsewhere. No other rewards program I’ve participated in changes its terms without giving notice like a PayTM does, and it has discouraged me from recommending it to other people.

I agree a 100%. I have paid around $6000 so far to earn 14k points just to know that my points now are worth ~10 dollars. I remember earlier 20000 points used to get one a pair of airpods. Now they are worth peanuts. I know we are not paying extra to get these reward points but we sometimes go that extra mile to earn those reward points so that we can redeem them on something meaningful.

I am one of the early adopters of PAYTM. Now I think I should be looking at other apps which might give me more value for my loyalty to them.

unfair reward point valuation. You keep reducing the valuation with changes in the app.

Before it was 20k points equals 200$, now 20$. Make no sense to keep using this app. Too much hassle for nothing.

Which credit cards are you allowing? We have a visa cibc dividend. We dont want an mnbc card as we dont like their bank.

nice. Please also put ” subject to availability ” as most of time TimHortons $5 card is out of stock.

Why I did not got 10$ cash back?i used University promo code but still did not get 10$ cash back….

Hey Gurpal! When did you try to apply the promo? Please reach out to us at and we’ll investigate this for you. Thanks!

I’ve read enough comments to know this ap is a bust… will not waste my time with this!!! was going to try it until I ead how they devalued the points on these poor suckers

Hey John, Paytm is definitely not a bust! We’ve helped thousands of users make consolidated bill payments, and earn points on each transaction to redeem gift cards ranging from Starbucks to Best Buy. If you have any questions or concerns, we’ll be happy to discuss. Please reach out to us at


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