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We’re reaching out to our Visa cardholders with the following announcement.

As of January 8, 2018, Visa transactions made on Paytm may be treated as a Cash Advance by the issuer of the Visa card. As well as, the transaction may also be subject to a cash advance fee and/or interest charges.

We will continue to work with all the stakeholders so that we can continue to bring you our seamless service. We are confident that we will have a solution for you soon.

We would like to take this moment to remind you that you can still use Paytm Cash, your bank account and other credit cards as a payment method on Paytm at NO CHARGE. You can continue to earn Paytm Rewards for paying your bills using Paytm Cash and/or your bank account.

Don’t pay a transaction fee or convenience fee when you make a payment with:

A quick and secure way to make a payment when you use Paytm Cash on Paytm. Making a payment with Paytm Cash gets you closer to Paytm Rewards.

Banks use encryption technology, and so does Paytm. Link your Canadian bank account with us and start taking advantage of Paytm Rewards.

Credit Cards: MasterCard and American Express cardholders that use Paytm will continue to enjoy zero fees on their transactions.

Questions? Email us at: care@paytm.ca

Comments (8)

Can we pay Hydro-Quebec Edith PayTM?

Hi Suzanne,

Hydro Quebec is available on Paytm. Have a great week!

I added 250$ in my paytm and for some reason my account got locked. I have been emailing and calling but I got no response. Can someone please help me out with this and contact me asap.
Thank you.


I hope this issue has been sorted. If not, please email us at care@paytm.ca

J’essai de m’inscrire et je peut même pas mettre un mot de passe. On me demande de communiquer avec vous.
Est-ce que c’est disponible au Québec?

Oh oui ! Nous avons de nombreux utilisateurs au Québec qui paient leur téléphonie mobile, Hydro-Québec, Vidéotron et leurs taxes municipales à la grandeur de la province. Pour ce qui est du mot de passe, avez vous essayé la fonction “Forgot password” pour réinitialiser votre mot de passe ?

Any news on visa coming back on this platform?

Unfortunately, nothing solid at the moment. We’ve just added Visa debit though – so hopefully this is coming soon!

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