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5 Ways to Save Time With Paytm

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It seems like there are never enough hours in a day to accomplish what I need to do. Last week, I posted a blog about 5 Ways to Save Money with Paytm. So, here are my top 5 ways that you can save time when you use the Paytm app.

1. Be the Master of all your bills

No need to visit multiple websites to pay your bills. All your bills will be in one place, in our app. We have over 5,000 companies, find the one for you.

2. Bills on the go

Simplify your life so that you can pay your bills in just 3 quick taps. Plus, enjoy the convenience of paying your bills while you’re out or even when you’re on vacation.

3. SmartBills

Load your bills directly in the app to view your bill amount and due date. We’ll provide you with a summary of how much you’ve paid, per bill, so that you can keep track of your personal finances.

4. Notifications when your bills are due

We will send you an email reminder when your bill is due. And, every time you open the app you will see which bills you have coming up. You also have the option to add multiple payment methods in order to speed up your bill payment transactions.

5. Paytm Concierge

We’ll set up each bill for you in your Paytm account, so that you don’t have to individually add them. Send us the bill or a copy of your bill to: care@paytm.ca. You’ve got nothing to lose, only time to gain.

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