5 Ways to Save Money With Paytm

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We’re always thinking of ways for you to get more of your money back into your pocket. Here are my top 5 ways for you to save with Paytm.

1. Earn Paytm Points for every bill payment and transaction

With over 5,000 companies on our app, you can easily find the one for you. Add your account number and pay your bill, it’s that simple. Then watch your Paytm Points grow! We offer multiple payment method options to give our customers the choice to select the payment method that suits their financial needs.

2. Cashback on purchases towards gift cards

You’ll receive a minimum of 3% Cashback on all of our popular retail branded gift cards. With a diverse selection of popular brands to choose from (for example: The Ultimate Dining Card, Indigo, Giftagram, Endy, etc), find the one for you.

3. Refer friends and get $10 when they make a $50 transaction

You’ll earn $10 when your friend signs-up, with your referral code, and successfully completes a bill payment of at least $50. Plus, your friend will receive $10.

4. Never pay a late fee again

You can link your bill directly in the app so that your bill amount and due date are shown to you. You’ll never have to worry about missing a bill payment or looking for your bill to find your due date ever again.

5. Get Credit Card Rewards & Paytm Rewards

When you make a bill payment of at least $25 or more you’ll not only receive Paytm Points, but if your credit card offers you points you’ll earn those too. Get double the points for doing something you would normally do.


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