5 Valentine’s Day Ideas Using Your Paytm Points

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and after an expensive Holiday Season (and the Holiday hangover bills), we’re sure you’re looking for a way to treat your significant other without breaking the bank.

Lucky for you, we’ve pulled together our top 5 Valentine’s Day ideas using your Paytm Points, so that you can save money and still have a romantic evening.

  1. Dinner + Movie: Ah, the classic date night! And, there really isn’t anything better than dinner and a movie. Use your Paytm Points to redeem an  e-gift card to your favourite ‘Ultimate Dining’ restaurants like Milestones, East Side Marios, Kelsey’s and more! Then redeem a few more points for a Cineplex e-gift card. You can usually find these restaurants located next to a Cineplex theater, so all you have to do is redeem and enjoy your date night – without any fuss!
  2. Spa Day: Did you know that Wayspa e-gift cards are redeemable at over 200 spas across Canada? If you’re not sure what to get your SO, a spa day is always a good option! Use your Paytm Points to purchase a Wayspa e-gift card and give the gift of 200 different spa locations! Plus, you won’t have to worry about buying the wrong size.
  3. Book A Trip: Who doesn’t love the window seat in a plane – and we’re pretty sure that your SO does too. Does anyone actually like the aisle seat? If you’re thinking about booking a trip this Valentine’s Day weekend we recommend popping into our app and grabbing a WestJet or Air Canada e-gift card. Save on your travel with your Paytm Points.
  4. Netflix & Chill: If you’re feeling like doing something more low-key this Valentine’s Day – or spending it alone – then Netflix & Chill is your best option. Let’s be honest, hanging around in your pj’s sounds like a much more comfortable option. Redeem your Paytm Points for a month of FREE Netflix and you’ll be chilling all month long.
  5. Build Some Furniture: Nothing tests the strength of a relationship like a trip to IKEA, and a post shop build. If you’ve been waiting to get that new table, or wall unit why not turn it into a Valentine’s Day date? Redeem your Paytm Points for an IKEA e-gift card and get building something for your home. Plus, you can swing by the IKEA Cafe and have a romantic dinner of Swedish Meatballs and a .50 cent hot dog. If that doesn’t say I Love You, then we don’t know what does.

If you don’t want to redeem all your Paytm Points in one shot, you can always purchase discounted e-gift cards through our app! Not only will you save some money on things you were already going to buy, but you also get to earn Paytm Points on your purchases. So, if you were planning on a Valentine’s Day dinner at The Keg why not head into the app and get a $100.00 e-gift card for only $85.00 + some Paytm Points? Save money, and still get rewarded!

Haven’t joined the Paytm party yet? You’re missing out on tons of amazing rewards. Head over to the App Store or Play Store and download the Paytm Canada app. You’ll instantly get 1,000 Welcome Paytm Points just for signing up!

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