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If you’re paying just one bill with Paytm, let’s take our relationship to the next level.

Receive 10% cashback when you make a bill payment to any different company (max $20). Enter promo code: 2ndBill. (This promo code has expired).

Hurry, offer ends on March 9, 2018.


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Tried the promo code to pay my Rogers bill and it didn’t work so I didn’t proceed. Can you confirm what the issue might be?

Hello Elana, can you reach out to our support team and they can then look at your account to let you know what might be the issue. You can email support at care@paytm.ca

So if I already have paid two bills (two different companies), I cannot take advantage of this promo by paying a 3rd bill (third company)? How disappointing!

Everytime I try it shows promo code invalid can you help ?

Hmm… Can you write to us at care@paytm.ca. we’ll have to look into your account to figure it out.

Tried to apply the code. Initially showed correctly as applied, but on submit received an error that the code is expired.

That’s strange! Can you write to care@paytm.ca from your registered email address? We’ll take care of it. Thanks.

The maximum cashback is $20 ….Right?????


2nd bill payment as in my payTM account history or 2nd bill payment of this month ??
What if I already have paid 2 bills this month ?
Please clarify.

This promotion won’t apply for you but remember that every payment on Paytm gets you points. We will be releasing more details shortly.

I signed up in January and paid a few builders already, then this code doesn’t apply to me, right?

That’s right. But remember, your accruing points for every bill payment.

2nd bill payment as in my payTM account history or 2nd bill of the month or 2nd payment to any different company except which i never paid?
it is confusing

2nd biller refers to a payment to a 2nd new biller/company ever. So if you were paying only one biller using Paytm so far, we’re offering this promotion for you to start paying a 2nd biller using Paytm.

Hi Aditya, I have just downloaded the paytm app! If I register today AND add 1 new biller AND pay today … and add a 2nd biller tomorrow AND pay tomorrow with promo code: 2ndBill, I will receive 10% cashback up to max $20? Thanks!

That’s right! While you’re at it Pay your 3rd bill or buy a gift card as well 🙂

This didnt work for me.just added amd paid 2nd bill. 🙁

Our Customer Care team can look into why this didn’t work for you. Please email them at: care@paytm.ca

Promo code doesn’t work for me. Tried to check out just now with my 2nd ever biller, says expired when I try to complete payment. Today is only Mar. 8. Also your app seems to be buggy, because after 2 failed attempts at paying this bill using promo code, it now says I’ve exceeded my daily transaction limit even though my previous attempts never went through

Hey Aaron,

Happy to help you but we would need your registered email address. The best would be if you could email care@paytm.ca with your account details so that we can look into why the code isn’t working for you.

Hi Aditya, I used the 2ndBill promo code today (March 8) on my 2nd ever bill, was accepted, but upon finalizing transaction, paytm said the code has expired. Your promo indicates expiry date is March 9. I’ve also already emailed Paytm but no answer (yet). Any help please? Thank you

Hey Danny, Sorry about that. Can you try once again? It should work.

The Fido code didn’t work for my phone bill, I was told on an ad for this app that I would get ten dollars off my bill over $50 if I use the promo code FIDO by March 15th and it didn’t work. My bill is 67.80, so wondering what happened??

Hey Samyea,
We can definitely help you out with it. I suggest that you drop a line (just copy paste what you wrote in an email) to care@paytm.ca. We will get to it right away.

I tried code ROGERS but it did not work.

Hi Namita,

That promo has expired, however if you paid a bill and tried using that code please email our Customer Care team at: care@paytm.ca and they can further look into it for you.

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